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Sky Remotes

Sky remotesAll Sky remote controllers

Replacement or spare remote controls for your Sky box.

Remote eyeA IR Sky extender link

For remotely controlling your Sky decoder on a 2nd TV.

HDMI CablesHDMI Cable connection ends

HDMI Cables for connecting up your kit. Available in 0.5m - 20m lengths.

Patio mountA patio slab with dish mounting holes

Enables the dish to be fixed on the floor instead of wall.

Balcony clampA metal balcony mounting clip

Enables the dish to be fixed onto balcony rails instead of the wall.

Window passA window pass cable

Cable passes into the property with no need for drilling holes.

F & UHF connectorsAn F-type cable connector

Various cable end connections.


Quad & Twin LNBs with four/two signal outputs built in.

Stacker & De-StackerA Stacker and De-Stacker device

Combines 2 dish signals along a single cable - perfect for Sky+ upgrades.

Triax amplifiersA Triax signal splitter

2,4,8 & 12 way Triax Amp's. Distribute your Sky decoder to multiple TVs.

Our list of accessories is too long to display everything here. If you need something not listed, just contact us and we can help.