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Q:Will there be any damage made to the property?

A. No! This is the thing most people want to know when enquiring about a satellite install. As 80% of the population in Switzerland rent their home, the last thing they want is to pay for damage made when they move out. As long as you advise us beforehand we can install your Sky TV with no damage to the property at all.

Q: How do you mount the dish without causing damage?

A. The dish can be mounted on a free standing patio mount and the cable can be entered into the property using a window pass, meaning no holes needed at all. These can simply be removed when you move, leaving no trace of your satellite setup at all.

Q: What hours are you available?

A. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday; from 09:00 - 18:00. We can cater to out-of-hours when required, so please enquire.

Q: How long have you been doing all of this stuff?

A. We have over 10 years experience in satellite, electrical and TV installations.

Q: What areas do you install in?

A. We install within the few hundred kilometres surrounding our Geneva base in all of these cities and more:

Q: Where can I get Sky coverage and a viewing card?

A. Sky's satellite signals cover most of Europe, all these countries in fact:


Q: How long does a typical satellite installation take?

A. Standard set up normally takes anything from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the work needed.

Q: Will there be any damage to the property?

A. We can install your Sky TV with no damage at all using window passes and free standing patio mounts for the satellite dish. But normally if your dish is installed on a wall then a few holes will have to be made for the fixing of the dish. If you want a damage free install please let us know before we start.

Q: Can I watch Sky TV in another room?

A. Yes you can. You can either link your existing Sky box to another room which gives you the same channel in each room at the same time plus you can control your Sky box from each room. If you want independent viewing in another room then a second Sky box and subscription is required. Freesat is also a good option for a second room.

Q: I only have a balcony, will you be able fit the dish?

A. The satellite dish used for apartments is very small and takes up not much space. It can also be installed on the floor if you are not allowed to install it on the railing or wall.

Q: Can I get a signal where I live?

A. You will need a clear view of 28 degrees East to get the satellite signal for Sky TV. If you live in a house this is normally not a problem. If you live in an apartment and not sure which direction your balcony faces then contact us so we can help.

Q: Do you install satellites for TV providers other than Sky TV?

A. Yes we can install a satellite for many other TV providers. If you are looking for Dutch, Polish, Italian, Spanish or any other language TV provider contact us to see how we can help.

Q: I have all the equipment needed already. Can you still help me?

A. Yes. If you already have all the equipment needed for your satellite setup we can still install it for you. Contact us for a quote.

Sky TV

Q: I have a satellite dish installed already - can I use it for Sky TV?

A. Normally yes you can use your existing dish. It may have to be aligned to the Sky satellite and the LNB may have to be changed.

Q: What is Sky TV?

A. More than 17.5 million viewers in over seven million households enjoy an unprecedented choice of movies, news, entertainment and sports channels and interactive services from Sky, the UK's first and most popular digital television platform.

Q: Can I get Sky TV where I live?

A. Sky TV is available all over Europe and now with Sky Go you can enjoy it anywhere in the world with a VPN and internet connection.

Q: What size satellite dish do I need for Sky TV?

A. In Switzerland the minimum size we recommend is 65cm but this depends on how long your cable run is. Contact us to get a recommended dish size for your home.

Q: How long is my contract for?

A. A new Sky subscription is for a minimum of 12 months and paid monthly via direct debit of your credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A. You can cancel your Sky subscription after your 12 month contract ends, by sending us back your viewing card & giving 30 days notice.

Q: Can I install Sky TV myself?

A. We do not recommend self installation. But if you would like to give it a go you can call us for advice and help.

Q: How long does it take to get my Sky TV set up?

A. Once the order forms are completed and returned we hope to have you installed and watching Sky TV within 10 days or less.

Q: Can I change my Sky package after ordering?

A. Yes your Sky TV package can be changed at any time. Your monthly subscription cost will also change accordingly.

Q: Is this the same as Sky TV in the UK?

A. Yes, the Sky TV we provide is exactly the same as the Sky TV in the UK and you will have the same shows and channels available to you at the same time as the UK.

Sky subscription

Q: How do I pay my monthly subscription?

A. Your monthly subscription can be paid by a Visa, MasterCard or a direct debit. Note - Direct debits can only be set up with a UK bank account. Credit card payments can be made from and country.

Q: Why is my monthly payment more than expected?

A. Sky TV takes 2 months payment in the first month, this acts as a kind of deposit. If you have made changes to your package recently this will also effect your monthly payment total.

Q: How will I pay my annual fee to you?

A. Your annual fee payment is deducted from your credit card every year on the anniversary of when you signed up to Sky TV.

Q: How do I change my TV package?

A. If you want to change your Sky package just email us and we'll do it for you straight away.

Q: What is my Sky P.I.N code?

A. As standard your pin-code should be the last 4 digits of your Sky viewing card number. You can find your viewing card number in the "Service" menu on the Sky decoder.

Q: How do I update my new credit card details with you?

A. If you have been issued a new credit card lately then you need to update us with the new details so we can change your payment details with Sky. Please give us a call to confirm your new details.

Sky TV Problems

Q: My Sky TV box says: 'No Satellite Signal'

A. Reset your Sky box by unplugging it from the power supply for ten minutes. Then plug it back in and reboot the box. If you still have no signal then call us so we can help.

Q: My Sky TV box says: 'Call This Number To Upgrade'

A. This is probably because your monthly payment has failed due to your credit card declining. Please contact us with your credit card details so we can make the payment and get your channels activated again for you. This could also be because you are not subscribed to this channel, contact us to upgrade your package.

Q: My Sky TV box says: 'Wrong Card For This Box'

A. This is because you have installed your viewing card into a new Sky box. Please call us with your new box details so we can pair your viewing card to your new Sky box

Q: My satellite dish has moved

A. If you satellite dish has moved then you will lose the signal. Contact us to get your dish aligned correctly again and your channels back online.

Q: The picture is frozen

A. Reset your Sky box by unplugging it from the power supply for ten minutes. Then plug it back in and reboot the box. If you still have problems then call us so we can help.

Sky Go FAQs

Sky Go & VPN

Q: What is Sky Go?

A. Sky Go lets you watch the TV and Movies you love while you're on the move. If you're a Sky TV customer, you can watch any of the channels you've subscribed to by using the Sky Go app.

Q: How does Sky Go work?

A. To view Sky Go outside the U.K you require a V.P.N, (Virtual Private Network) and a MySky account. This is all supplied by us when you order your SkyGo account.
A. Sky Go requires a V.P.N, (Virtual Private Network). This hides your IP address and makes it appear that you are in the U.K. With this V.P.N you will also be able to access BBC iPlayer, 4oD, ITV player, LoveFilm.com, Netflix and many more online TV services.
A. Once your V.P.N is set up you can use your MySky login details & access Sky Go on your computer.
A. To view Sky Go on your iPad you will need the free Sky Go app. We will send you instructions on how to download it from the U.K App Store once your order is placed.

Q: What can I use to watch Sky Go?

A. You can use Sky Go on a laptop, P.C, Mac and iPad. You can connect a maximum of 2 devices at the same time. We hope to bring a iPhone and Android version to you soon as well.

Q: What are the Internet speed requirements?

A. Please note that a minimum speed of 2000kbps (2M) is needed. You can perform a speed test at http://www.speedtest.net/.

If you want to find out more just email us and ask for our Sky Go & VPN info pack.

NEW - Now available is our new VPN wifi router. With this VPN router you can make your whole wifi network into a VPN. Meaning you can connect your PS3, Xbox360, Smart TV, Sky+HD decoder, Freesat decoder, iPhone and any other wifi enabled device to the VPN, allowing you to enjoy all the on demand and UK streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, LoveFilm etc…