Freesat: Great TV, no contract or monthly fee.

Buy a freesat box now & get free digital TV forever.

150+ standard channels ensures plenty of variety.

Go for freesat HD and enjoy five free HD channels, (With more coming soon).

Or go top-of-the-range freesat+ allowing you to pause & rewind live TV and record a library of your favourite shows.

150+ English channels. no fees.

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Freesat gives you 150+ great channels, with an annual cost of nothing! A great choice for no hassle and varied viewing.

Freesat features:


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Freesat HD

Freesat HD adds 5 free high definition channels - with much higher quality, to the standard choice of 150+ free channels .

Freesat HD features:


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Freesat+ HD

Freesat+ HD gives superb picture quality on the included high def channels and the convenience of recording to watch later.

Freesat+ HD features:


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NOTE: Please let us know beforehand if you require a certain model of freesat box, as our stock sometimes differs from those displayed above.