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Wherever you need your setup; apartment, house, ski chalet, gym, hotel, hospital, office, yacht, bar or nightclub.

From a single TV setup to a castle with 12 bedrooms, we've done them all and our expertise guarantees a no hassle, pro install of these TV providers:

  • Sky
  • Sky Deutschland
  • Sky Italia
  • Nova (Greek)
  • BVN (Dutch)
  • Canal Sat & more

We install it all

Installing these items
Two Sky dishes on a roof

Satellite dishes & Antennas

A satellite dish does not always have to be ugly. We have many accommodating ways of setting up your dish like placing it on a patio mount low down and discreet so you won't even realise it's there.

We can supply and install any type of satellite dish you require from 60cm to 1.5m, square dishes and multi head reception dishes, so that you can pick up multiple satellites with just one dish.

Antenna setups available enabling you to receive all of the free French and Swiss TNT channels. Contact us for more details.

A Window pass cable travelling seamlesley through the window frame.

Damage free satellite installations:

Advise us beforehand, and we can install your Sky TV with no damage to the property at all. The dish can be mounted on a free standing patio mount and the cable can be entered into the property using a window pass (shown in above pic), meaning no holes needed at all.

All of this can be removed and taken with you when you move house, leaving no trace at all of your satellite setup.

HDTV Install and setup service

Home Cinema

From basic mounting of a TV onto a wall, to a full home cinema with 3D projector. We can supply & install all of it, including:

So contact us now to get a quote and see how we can help.

NOTE: We also install your own equipment.
If you already have everything needed and just need some help setting it up then give us a call to get a quote.