Sky Italia - No Italian address needed.

To receive Sky Italia, a satellite dish is required pointing at Hotbird 13 degrees. For satellite installation questions contact the team.

Real Sky Italia, here in Switzerland!

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Get our Sky HD Italia decoder:

Your perfect Sky Italia setup is just 3 steps away. Start with our SKY HD  Italia Decoder.
The Sky box price below is relevant to new Sky Italia TV subscribers only.

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Sky HD Italia decoder

This box has all the Sky HD benefits. Don't forget you'll need a HD ready TV to watch in high definition.

Sky HD Italia features:

Price: 249chf

Just need a Sky Italia HD box with no subscription? Contact us for the latest prices.


Select a TV package:

Choose Sky Italie TV; Plus 1, 2 or 3 Premium channels (1: 49chf, 2: 69chf or 3: 99chf per month).
Call us now for your perfect Sky Italia package selection. Package prices correct as of 20/03/17

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Sky Calcio:

Sky SPORT 24, SKY SuperCalcio, Sky Calcio, Sky SPORT 24 HD, SKY SuperCalcio HD, Sky Calcio HD, Fox Sports, Fox Sports HD

Sky Cinéma:

Sky Cinema 1 HD, Sky Cinema +1 HD, Sky Cinema + 24 HD, Sky Cinema Hits HD, Sky Cinema Family HD, Sky Cinema Passion HD, Sky Cinema Comedy HD, Sky Cinema Max HD, Sky Cinema Max +1 HD, Sky Cinema Classics HD, CULT, MGM

Sky Sport:

Automoto TV, Extrem Sport HD, Sky Sport 1, Sky Sport F1, Sky Sport F1 HD, Sky Sport 2, Sky Sport 3, Sky Sport 1 HD, Sky Sport 2 HD, Sky Sport 3 HD, Sky Sport 24, Sky Sport 24 HD, Sky Sport PLUS, Motors TV, Sky SPORT Moto GP HD, Sky SPORT Moto GP, Bike channel, Juventus channel, Roma channel

Standard channels that come with all the subscription choices are below:

SKY Uno, SKY Atlantic, Fox, Fox Life, FOXCrime, Crime + investigation, FoxRetro, AXN, Comedy Central, lei, DIVA Universal, AXN SCI FI, Horror channel, AutoMoto TV, GXT, Man-Ga, Eurosport, Eurosport 2, Bike Channel, PI24, Discovery travel & living, Gambero Rosso, Dove Lifestyle, Sky TG24, Sky Meteo24, Sky Sport 24, Sky TG24 Primo Piano, Sky TG24 Eventi, Sky TG24 Rassegne, CNBC Class, Sky News, FOX News channel, CNN Internationnal, FOX Business, Sky Uno HD, Sky Atlantic HD, Sky Arte HD, Fox HD, Fox life HD, FoxCrime HD, Crime + investigation HD, AXN HD, Classica HD, Extreme Sports HD, Discovery travel & living HD, Gambero Rosso HD, Sky TG24 HD, Sky Sport 24 hD, Eurosport HD, Eurosport 2HD, Nat Geo people HD

Subscription: 49 / 69 / 99chf p/m


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