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Whilst developing this new web site, we asked our clients to give us their thoughts of Williams Services. Below are just a few of their comments…

Viewing on the Go

I use the VPN connection to watch Sky GO while I am travelling for work and I love it. Being able to watch Sky movies on Demand and Sky sports on the go is great.

— Nick; Nyon

U.S. Television

I can now access my U.S Apple store and download all my movies thanks to the VPN router.

— Denis; France

BBC iPlayer

Thanks to the VPN router solution we can now access all of our Sky box on demand services plus use BBC iPlayer on our iPads as well.

— Jane; Geneva

This is Smart (TV)

With our VPN router we can now access BBC iPlayer on all our smart TVs plus we have a NOW TV box for Movies on demand.

— John; Vevey

Efficient, friendly service

We moved over from the UK last year where we had Sky installed in 4 different rooms. We contacted Williams before we came over and they managed to meet us at the house when we arrived. They then gave us a free quote to install Sky into 4 bedrooms and the living room. The quote was very reasonable and we accepted. The work was completed a few days after and we have been watching Sky TV in Switzerland with no problems at all. Great work, friendly people and very efficient.

— Jo; 1180 - Rolle

Fixed my dish

My Sky dish stopped working. Williams Services came out the next day and within 20 minutes it was back up and running, (Wind had moved the dish).

— Claire; 1260 - Nyon

Feels like home

Our Sky was set up the day we moved to Geneva. The install was swift, clean & done very professionally. We have been viewing Sky now for several years with no probs!

— Jim; 1207 - Genève

Bye, bye Swisscom

I switched from Swisscom to Sky+HD last year and have never regretted it. Sky has much more to offer it's worth every penny!

— Dan; 1005 - Lausanne

Viewing problems gone

When we first moved to Switzerland we had our Sky TV supplied and installed by ***** *******. After several years of constant problems and very poor customer support we decided to change provider. Then we found Williams Services. We called them up and explained our situation. They came over the same week and fixed our Sky setup and supplied us a new viewing card. We have now been watching Sky TV for more than 2 years and yet we have had no problems! Wish we contacted them at the beginning.

— Sally; 1800 - Vevey

Saved the weekend

We have a viewing card with Williams services. My credit card payment to Sky failed and my channels were cut off on a Saturday morning right before the football was about to start. I thought I had no chance in getting this resolved on a weekend. I sent an email and within 1 hour it was back up and running again - very impressed.

— Dave; 1196 - Gland

What dish landlord?!

Our landlord said we could not have a satellite dish installed. I called Williams services and they came and had a look for me. They managed to install the dish so low down and discreet we have had it there for over 2 years now and no one has even noticed! So happy I have my Sky TV working!!!!

— Gill; 1197 - Prangins

Dish re-aligned

During the Olympics my Sky box was saying no signal! This was a disaster for us! We called Williams Services up and they managed to come out to us the same day. The problem was that the dish had moved somehow. They re-aligned it for us and voila we were back up and running and could continue watching the Olympics, thanks guys!

— Peter; 1015 - Lausanne

Free satellite TV

Had Swisscom for about a year. Was never anything decent to watch and was costing me a lot. Called you up and you came and installed Freesat for me. Now I can record etc. and have 150 channels for free. Thanks guys.

— Daniel; 1290 - Versoix

Installed MY kit

I brought my own Sky box with me from the UK. Most companies I called were not interested in installing it as they only install Sky TV if they supply the equipment. But Williams Services had no problem with this and set everything up for me with no questions asked.

— Jack; 1820 - Montreux

3D, HD → WS

We wanted to upgrade to SkyHD. So we called Williams services and they supplied the Sky HD box and did the work needed so that now we can record 2 things at the same time and my husband can enjoy Sky 3D.

— Anne; 1239 - Collex-Bossy

Lights. TV. Action

When we arrived in Switzerland we had no light fittings in our new apartment! Williams services came out and installed all our lights for us. They also returned a few weeks later and set us up with Sky TV as well. Great service, highly recommended!

— Gareth; 1228 - Plan-les-Ouates

Saved chf/hassle

Sky TV stopped working one day. I called my previous supplier and they said it was my Sky box and I needed to buy a new one. I thought that this can't be right so I got Williams Services out to have a look. It was just the dish had moved in the wind. They re-aligned it and fixed the problem in under 30 minutes and it only cost me 100chf. The other company wanted 850chf for a new box!!! Thanks Williams Services for saving me so much hassle. P.S we have now switched our viewing card service to Williams Services as well.

— Donald; 1248 - Hermance

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